What does Zewde’s political agenda look like

The Munich-based Marlene Bojer and Nadine Reinhardt finished the technical freestyle in 20th place, in the solo Bojer with the unfavorable start number 1 reached 14th place.

"I am satisfied with the duet performance, as both have improved compared to the previous competitions"said national coach Doris Ramadan at the weekend. "The field of competitors is very strong and we have to increase the training intensity significantly over the next few months." Two years ago at the World Cup in Budapest, the duet was 21st.

Bojer / Reinhardt want to qualify for the summer games in a qualification competition in Tokyo next year. Then the last seven Olympic tickets for the starting field with 22 duets will be awarded. At the World Championships in Gwangju there is still the free freestyle, both in the solo for Bojer on Monday and for the duet on Tuesday.

"At the World Cup, everyone who wants to start next year in the qualification will present themselves"said Bojer. "We definitely have the potential to qualify for the Olympics, we can do it and we shouldn’t be intimidated." Germany was last represented in synchronized swimming in 1992.

The former handball star Stefan Kretzschmar tries something completely new and steps in as national water polo coach. The 46-year-old will be in charge of the German U45 team during the Senior World Cup in Gwangju (South Korea) from August 5th to 18th – albeit from a distance. Kretzschmar confirmed this on Monday on his Facebook page. At first she had "picture"Newspaper reports about it.

After the actual national coach Dirk Theismann had to cancel for professional reasons, Kretzschmar stepped in at the request of captain Dirk Klingenberg. Kretzschmar, who left the supervisory board of the handball Bundesliga club SC DHfK Leipzig in June, has known the water polo players since the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

However, Kretzschmar does not travel to South Korea. "I’m going to send the guys a video to South Korea every day, make them hot, focus them on their opponents"said Kretzschmar "picture".

15 athletes from Berlin and one athlete from Potsdam are part of the 64-strong team of the German Swimming Association at the 18th Swimming World Championships, which begin on Friday in Gwangju (South Korea).

With eight active players – four women and four men each – the Berlin TSC makes up the majority of the 11-person DSV team in water jumping, as does Master Spandau 04 with seven of 13 athletes in water polo. Hannes Schulz from OSC Potsdam is also one of two successors there who could be used in the event of injuries.

With back ace Christian Diener (OSC Potsdam), protégé of trainer Jörg Hoffmann, only one active player from the region made it into the 28 athletes (11 women / 17 men) strong German squad in the pool swimmers.

Four World Cup starters presented themselves in good shape at the German Open Water Swimmer Championships in Burghausen. Leonie Antonia Beck from Würzburg, who is a candidate for a top placement at the World Championships in South Korea that starts in two weeks, won the five-kilometer race at the weekend in Upper Bavaria. Club colleague Lea Boy won over ten kilometers shortly before her World Cup debut.

In the men’s race, Sören Meißner (Würzburg) won the five-kilometer competition. Arti Krasniqi from Elmshorn prevailed over the ten-kilometer route without the participation of a German World Cup starter. The World Championships in Gwangju will take place from July 12th to 28th. The open water swimmers start in the first week of the World Cup. For them it’s also about ten kilometers to Olympic tickets.

Florian Wellbrock is one of the hopes of the German Swimming Association (DSV) both in the open water team of national coach Stefan Lurz and in pool swimming as the European champion over 1500 meters.https://123helpme.me/to-kill-a-mockingbird-essay/ Like other World Cup participants, Wellbrock waived the national title fights in preparation.

Israel’s Navy will officially take possession of a warship built in Germany next week. The corvette "INS stomach" from the Sa’ar 6 class will be handed over on November 11, as the commander of the Israeli Navy, General Eli Sharvit, said on Thursday. The ship was laid down in February 2018. Due to the corona pandemic, the handover ceremony on the shipyard in Kiel is correspondingly small.

Israel has ordered a total of four corvettes of this type from ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) in the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein. They are created in cooperation between TKMS and the German Naval Yards shipyard. The contract for the ships was signed in May 2015. The remaining ships are to be delivered in 2021. The armament should take place in Israel.

The corvettes with stealth technology are 90 meters long and 13 meters wide. They have a displacement of 1900 tons. About 80 crew members will be on board. Above all, Israel wants to use the ships to protect gas production platforms in the Mediterranean. Around 70 percent of Israel’s electricity comes from gas from fields off the coast.

German arms deliveries to Israel are controversial because of the Middle East conflict. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert justified the export of the four patrol corvettes with Germany’s special responsibility for Israel. According to earlier information from the Ministry of Defense, the federal government is financing around a third of the business with 115 million euros.

He was chairman of the airline Korean Air – now Cho Yang Ho has died. The South Korean was most recently charged with infidelity. His family is also considered controversial.

The last legally troubled chairman of the South Korean airline Korean Air (KAL), Cho Yang Ho, is dead. Cho is said to have suffered from lung disease in a clinic in Los Angeles "peaceful" fell asleep, reports Korean Air. Cho was 70 years old. Cho, who was also the chairman of KAL’s parent company Hanjin Group, was on trial on charges of breach of trust and illegal business activities.

After a series of scandals involving his family and an increasing loss of confidence among shareholders in his leadership, he lost his position on the KAL Board of Directors at the end of last month. However, he remained the head of the largest South Korean airline. So far, no successor has been appointed, says a spokeswoman.

Cho’s scandalous family

Cho’s family has hit the headlines several times in recent years. Among other things, they were investigated on suspicion of smuggling luxury items into the country.

Cho’s eldest daughter, Cho Hyun Ah, caused a major scandal when she got angry about five years ago on a Korean Air plane about the way in which she was handed a bag of nuts. As a result of a dispute, the plane was pulled from the runway at a New York airport back to the gate. Cho was sentenced to one year imprisonment in February 2015 for endangering aviation safety. In an appeal process, she later received a suspended sentence.

Crashed Boeing 737 Max: Boeing admits to another software problem Between tea plantations and pagodas: A trip through South Korea’s south Viral pneumonia: symptoms and treatment options

KAL recognized Cho as one "Aviation pioneer". Under his leadership, the airline, which has flown to 124 cities and 44 countries, became one "global power" become in the industry. Cho also temporarily chaired the Organizing Committee for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Sources used: dpa news agency

At a traffic control in Hamburg, a police officer opened fire on a car driver. He drove directly to the officers in his van. 

Because the driver of a van in Hamburg drove towards several police officers, one of the officers shot the car. The driver was then taken to a hospital for observation, a police spokesman said on Monday morning.

The officers wanted to stop the car for a traffic check on Sunday evening – but the man fled and then drove to the police in the van. One of the officers fired a shot on the window of the car and stopped the driver with it. 

Investigations: District President Lübcke apparently killed by a shot in the head Bremen: Man stabs 16-year-old with a knife in the neck

 He was probably injured – how exactly, but was initially unclear. Drugs were found in the car.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Saber European champion Max Hartung took third place at the first qualifying tournament for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The 29-year-old from Dormagen lost clearly in the semi-finals against local hero Oh Sanguk with 2:15. Five weeks ago Hartung prevailed against the South Korean in the final of the World Cup in Budapest with 15:12. In the lady’s saber, Hartung’s club colleague Anna Limbach finished 13th after a narrow 14:15 defeat in the round of 16 against Russian Dina Galiakbarova.

Hunger, poverty and female genital mutilation dominated the image of Ethiopia in the past decades. This is the first time a woman has been elected to the highest office in the country. That could change a lot.

She is the new woman among Africa’s top politicians: Sahle-Work Zewde was elected the country’s first female president by the Ethiopian parliament. She is currently the only female head of state on the African continent. Your choice could be an important step in achieving equality for women in Ethiopia.

Who is Sahle-Work Zewde?

Zewde was born in Addis Ababa, in present-day Ethiopia, in 1950. There she attended a French-speaking international school. After graduating, she studied science in France and then entered the diplomatic service. The 69-year-old has worked in the UN office in Nairobi, as the permanent representative of Ethiopia in the African Union and in the Economic Commission for Africa.

What is the current situation in the country?

The political situation is currently more stable than seldom in Ethiopian history. Since 1974 there has been a civil war in which the communist central government and Marxist-Leninist and separatist rebels fought each other. An alliance of rebels came to power after 1991, and the country has been largely authoritarian since then. In 2017, following mass protests against the government, first a state of emergency and then new elections were declared. Since then, the mood among the population has calmed down. The former province of Eritrea had been enemies since the end of the war of independence in 1993. In July, the prime ministers signed a peace treaty for the first time. After the great famine in the 1980s, Ethiopia’s economy has grown between eight and ten percent a year since 2003.

Hugs as a sign: Ethiopia and Eritrea are approaching in peace talksSeveral dead: Explosion in speech by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister AhmedStates on the road to reconciliation: Will peace keep in the Horn of Africa?

What is Zewde’s political agenda?

The positive peace developments at home and abroad are to be continued. Zewde also wants to work to ensure that equality for women in Ethiopia becomes a reality.

Why did your choice get so much attention?

The fact that a woman holds the highest office in Ethiopia for the first time could change the general image and role of women. The Ethiopian constitution equates men and women. However, the reality is different: women are oppressed in the family and in society. In 2005, 81 percent of women believed that the husband had the right to beat his wife if she did not want sex or if she went out of the house without the husband’s permission. In 2016, 56 percent of all women were victims of genital mutilation as children. Everyday violence against them is accepted as the norm.

How much power will Zewde have as president?

The power of the President is limited and comparable to the position of the German Federal President. Zewdes office has exclusively representative and purely formal powers. Executive power in Ethiopia rests with the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers. Still, this high post shows that people can have careers regardless of their gender.

Sources used: Bloomberg Reuters Foreign OfficeSwiss Refugee AidDHS Programmore sourcesshow less sources

Bratislava (dpa) – In Slovakia, the President, Zuzana Caputova (45), who was elected in March, officially took office. The liberal Ombudsman is the first female and so far youngest head of state in the EU and euro country.


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"I didn’t come to rule, I came to serve the citizens, the inhabitants and Slovakia", promised the 45-year-old on Saturday during a parliamentary session in Bratislava.